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Marvin, the Legend, the Man and his Tribute to SOUL

Marv's voice rings so rich and authentic.... practically the last man standing among the ranks of the old school entertainers. He is the literally one of coolest guys in L.A. , representing that era of the early 60's and 70's Soul  when some of the best entertainers graced the swank lounges of L.A. and New York. 

Marvin Robinson, a native of California, began his singing career with The Young Americans, The Kids Next Door and performing as the opening vocalist for Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope and the Harry James Orchestra, Olivia Newton John, Joe Pesci and Eddie Murphy, among others.


Incorporating the smooth presentation and uniqueness of a true legend, Marv manages to project legends that we love and long to experience live

This Tribute to SOUL is dedicated to the shared memories and special moments of those lives touched by the ageless true heart and soul of some of heaven's finest musical gifts to mankind.


Marv Robinson, a living legend  at the old Hollywood hang-out The Smokehouse, Burbank, CA

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